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Black Granite Countertops in Houston.

A different classy look are black granite countertops. Black granite countertops are also prominent because dirt is less easily seen and less wiping is appealing depending on your care preference.


Exactly what you choose depends on your taste and how the rest of your kitchen or bath room is designed. 


Granite Countertops in Houston

Houston, TX  granite countertops are luxurious and elegant. They can add just the right touch to your kitchen or bathroom and raise the ambiance of the entire house.

Background of Granite, Most Popular of Stone Countertops in Houston.

Granite is a porous igneous rock mined underground and consequently, there are no two granite slabs exactly alike. Slabs can measure from 4 to 5 feet deep to 7 to 10 feet long. Granite cannot be installed as a DIY project; it takes a pro with plenty of experience to get it just right.

Colors of Granite Counter Tops.

In Houston, granite counter tops can be supplied in many colors from around the world and you are able to select one based upon the style of your kitchen or vanity area. Brown, black and beige are among the most preferred for countertops.  A few other alternatives are white, red, green and blue. 

White Granite Countertops in Houston.

White granite countertops are very popular and add that prestige look as well as being practical for cleaning purposes.  Dirt is easy to see and wipe.  What you choose depends on your taste and how the rest of your kitchen or bathroom is designed.

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Granite Countertops Cost in Houston.

When you calculate granite countertops cost in Houston,TX, you need to take into consideration the thickness (radius), the size of your counter area, the cut out area (for sink and/or cooktop) and the edge profile.                                                            

Granite usually requires maintenance because it is porous and should be initially sealed and then resealed on a regular basis in order to repel water and oil based stains. You do have the option of having a lifetime sealant applied (which does not require any further sealers) or apply a sealer yourself every 6-12 months. Applying a sealing coat isn’t difficult or time consuming as it is simply a wipe of sealant the same as you would wipe clean, then just wipe off.          

Granite Kitchen Countertops Prices.            

Granite kitchen countertops may cost more than some other materials but it will last for many years and add value to the functional area of your home.  It will stand out for everybody to see.

Dark Grey Kitchen Granite Countertop Houston with island

yellow kitchen island granite countertop houston

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Features Of A Granite Counter Top

A few things about granite material.

  • Durability Second To None – It is made from hard igneous rock so it can withstand wear and tear easily in a busy kitchen.
  • Scratch Resistant from knives.
  • Heat Resistant from Stove Pots and Pans.
  • Unique Look – every piece is different.  Veins/Patterns with endless colors.
  • Minimal Maintenance and Adds Value To Your Home.

Installation of Granite Counter Tops in Houston.

In spite of the strength of granite, the large slab sheets must be properly cut to match the counters, and are very delicate when moved. Significant care must be taken to strengthen the base cabinets and the slab needs to be set perfectly level. Failing to thoroughly set a granite countertop could possibly cause it to break in the course of regular use.

Granite seams are inevitable but you can ask us if it is possible to install a seamless countertop or place them in a spot where they are less visible. Sometimes you can hide a seam by placing it in the middle of your sink or one the edge of the sink. This will allow the seam to be in front of the sink and behind the sink.   In most cases doing it this way the seam will only be about 4 inches in length instead of the entire length of the countertop.

We have an uncomplicated procedure. Contact us along with a design in mind and tell us the approximate measurements that you have. We can give you an estimation over the telephone and coordinate a formal quotation by coming to see you and assessing your needs. We will work through the organization of plumbing and electrical connections plus the removal of old countertops if that is needed. We will show you sample finishes, colors and thicknesses which match the style and look you want.

As soon as you have selected your material and color either from our display room or from samples, we then need a deposit to template the job. Once we are templating, cooktops and sinks need to be there so they are measured.

Right after templating we check the finish needed and require the remaining balance paid for the countertop to be made. Once the countertop is cut it is installed at your convenience. Depending upon demand, installation usually occurs betwen 5 and 10 business days after fabrication.

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