Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Countertops Fabrication and Installation

Let us transform your bathroom into a grander place!

Fabrication and installation of a bathroom counter follows much the same process as a kitchen counter.

Measure out your vanity top with a drawing like this one and a tape measure.

Cost Of Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Choose the material that you would like to have. Keep in mind that the material has continuous exposure to water and moisture so there needs to be quality in the construction.

Get a quote for pricing. Go through samples and colors with us as well as the pricing from the estimated size of the material. Take cabinet / room color into consideration.

Choose your sink (if new).

Choose your edge profile. Edges, counter radius, sink cutouts add to costs.

Talk to us about what you need. This is checked when we see you.

grandercounters-black granite bathroom vanity

 Bathroom décor with stone countertops is a feature now of many beautiful homes. They add style to the master bathroom accessed from the master bedroom through archways rather than doors.

Before installation

Any existing vanity surfaces need to be removed and levels checked of the cabinet. Shims are used to level it out and excess shims trimmed flush with the counter sides. Drain pipes are disconnected from the existing sink. Faucet assembly is taken down. Remove securing clips holding the old vanity top in place. Remove the old vanity top. The vanity cabinet frame is cleaned with a damp cloth.


The countertop area is templated with backsplash and sidesplash requirements checked.


The countertop is installed to the vanity base and the faucet assembly installed on the new top. Water supply is connected and fittings adjusted. Drain pipe connected. Caulk is beaded around the edges of the vanity top and the sink bowl. Then everything is checked for leaks once the water supply is turned on.

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