Kitchen Countertops

Fabrication And Installation

We offer fabrication and installation of all types of countertop material to make your kitchen grander!

Whatever your choice of counter material, whether it be a new construction or remodel, the process tends to be the same.

Measure out your counter area with a rough drawing.

Cost Of Kitchen Countertops

Before Templating          

Choose the countertop material you would like. 

Go through samples and colors with us as well as the pricing from the estimated size of the material.

Take cabinet / room color into consideration. Choose your sink (if new).

Choose your edge profile.

Edges, counter radius, sink cutouts and cooktop cutouts add to costs.

Talk to us about what you need. This is checked when we see you.         

Everything must stay the same and not be moved between the time of templating and the countertop installation. Preparation is the most important component of a good installation. All cabinets should already be installed.

grandercounters-black quartz classic kitchen countertops

Make sure the sink is fitted properly in its right position in the cabinet.

Understand how the countertop front edge will meet the sink and how it will align. The template needs to be how you want the overhang to match the sink.

Will the top of the sink walls be flush with the top of the countertop or will there be a flange?

Will you have a backsplash?

Will the taps be on a wall (which makes the countertop easier to wipe down) or will they be mounted through the countertop?

Check your faucet assembly (centre of the sink is best) . A spec sheet may be needed to show how many holes to drill. Some have soap dispensers at the sink corner and/or an air disposal button.

Best Practice
Countertop overhang 6 inches to 12 inches from the cabinet may be considered without support. An overhang any longer needs bracket bracing in case a person sits on the counter.    

Different countertop heights from a cabinet height can be achieved with different countertop material thickness. Think about the height you require.

A dishwasher is an area which cannot support a countertop end so make sure there is support on the side, ideally more than half an inch fill. Other appliances like a slide-in cooker may have a half inch strip seamed together between large slabs on each side of the cooker. Supports must be flush with the top of the supporting cabinets.

Seams can be hidden along a stone vein or with colored epoxies.


Thin cuts of plywood and glue are used to outline the spaces for your countertop.

Once this is done, the outline is taken for the countertops to be fabricated.

It is necessary that you are present when the template is being made as questions arise as to where you would like the faucet (what options you have), where will the seams be put, what will be the overhang and what will be the corner radius.

kitchen countertop with backsplash


Make sure the date of installation is locked in as you may need to organize a plumber for all the connections afterwards.

The sink will be put into place (clamped/siliconed) and any tap holes drilled. Epoxy and silicone is used to seam materials together so have plenty of windows open to air the fumes. 

After countertop installation it is time to think of backsplash and painting.

The counter sets the level for any tiling. A common size for stone backsplash is 4 inches.

Modern kitchens tend to have a tiled backsplash from the counter to an upper cabinet line.

You have a better backsplash if you wait for the countertop installation first. Walls suffer marks when moving heavy countertops so painting and backsplash tiles cover any of these marks.

All of this will transform your kitchen into a place of grander beauty!

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